Welcome to the first official web site for the Mutomboko Ceremony! An annual event hosted by the Lunda Royal Establishment.
We encourage all tourist to come and enjoy an African experience full of rich culture meaning.
The seven main ceremonial events take place each year in July in the last weekend, Friday and Saturday.
From African rituals to dancing to drums, the Mutomboko has it all.
This page was last updated: July 20, 2016
Mwata Kazembe a great and powerful African Chief  continues to educate his people in the ways of the Lunda.
But with a ballance of encouraging  the Lundas to change with the modern ways that help strengthen the tribes survival.
Today, the Lundas occupy the majority of the Luapula province in Zambia.
The Mutomoko Ceremony
Your choice of African Culture
What the ceremony has to offer
With the world changing day by day, the Mutomboko ceremony contains some of the most unique cultural heritages that are still in use today.
Special dances performed by members of the Royal Family.

Showing reverence to the ancestral spirits.

Drinking of the locally brewed beer.

Partaking of escorting the Chief to and from each event.

Hearing the many different drums beat creating music.

And much much more....

The next Mutomboko Ceremony will start Friday the 29th and conclude on the 30th of July --- 2016
Mwata Kazembe performing the ritual of beating the drums in code form to command the troups of various movements.
The Mutomboko is unique! It shows visitors something they can't get in other countries around the world. Visitors are always happy with the ceremony and go back to their places of origins and tell the story of Africa. With out these cultural traditional ceremonies, Zambia would be just another developing country in Africa with nothing different to offer.
Does the Mutomboko help in the development of tourism?
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