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Asserting/inventing Traditions on the Luapula: The Lunda Mutomboko Festival Journal article by Robert Cancel; African Arts, Vol. 39, 2006

Robert Cancel
David M. Gorden
A Crown on the Move: Stylistic Integration of the Luba-Lunda Complex in Lunda-Kazembe Performance Journal article by Ruth Kerkham Simbao; African Arts, Vol. 39, 2006
Ruth K. Simbao
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David Gordon
Associate professor
Department of History
University of Maryland
College Park,
Maryland USA
Dr. Robert Cancel
Associate Professor
Department of English & Director, Third World Studies Program
University of California - San Diego
San Diego, USA,
Dr. Ruth Simbao
Associate Professor at Rhodes
and Leader of the Visual and Performing Arts of Africa research team
African Art History and Visual Culture
Department of Fine Art
Rhodes University
South Africa

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